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Training your co-workers is not easy, and takes up a lot of your time. The material, although important, can be a bit dry, and so it’s sometimes hard for staff to remember all the details.  Also, the information is not always consistent; the person you trained yesterday won’t likely get the same instruction as the person you will be training next week.

Luckily, a custom training video production solves all of these issues, and makes the whole process easier:

Save Time

You no longer have to give a presentation to every person, instead, have them watch your custom training video.

More Engaging

Video is more engaging than other training materials because it gives the viewers the information they need in 3 different ways: audio, visual and text. This makes the messaging more memorable.


Everyone who goes through the training will watch the same video, and get the same information. Nothing will ever be missed again.

I can make you a training video tailored to your business, here is how the process works:

Step 1

I’ll review your current training material with you.  We’ll talk about what information you want the training video to convey.

Step 2

I’ll create a storyboard and script for the video, based on your training materials, and input. 

Step 3

All necessary shots and scenes are filmed at your location.

Step 4

Everything is cut together with music, narration and graphics. This can even be done at your location, so you can watch the whole process unfold.

Step 5

We review the video together. You let us know what changes are needed. For example, changing some graphics or shooting some extra footage.

Step 6

Upon approval, we deliver your final video electronically. You now have a perfect training tool for you and your co-workers.

If your training material changes down the road, so can your video. I will keep your video project live, so we changes can be made easily.

Here are just some of the possible training videos I could make for you:

  • Employee orientation videos
  • Safety training videos
  • Visitor/contractor videos
  • Customer service training videos
  • Sales training videos

Epilogue productions is a small company, so I will always give your production the attention it deserves.  I have many years of experience making training videos for companies, both large and small.

Contact me today, we can meet and discuss your training needs.