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Is your company being featured at a trade show?  Trade shows are great opportunities, but can be challenging if you have to compete with other booths to get people’s attention. Having a professional trade show video is an effective way to draw attention to your booth, and generate interest in your business.

My name is Craig McNicoll, and I have been creating videos professionally for over 20 years. I will use my skills and experience to create a professional trade show production for you.  

Here is a how the trade show video creation process works:



I will work with you to come up with the main messaging for the video, using your existing materials as a guide.  Since you never know when a viewer is going to start watching a video, your most important key messages should be peppered throughout the video. .


I will help you create visuals to grab the attention of the trade show visitors. Most of the time this involves filming your product or service in action using professional video equipment. Filming can often take less than a day. Alternatively to filming, graphics can be created, such as screen captures, graphs, or animations.  I can also create eye-catching visuals by manipulating existing photos and videos.


Using the script and visuals we’ve created, I will put together an amazing video for you. Trade show videos tend to be 3-5 minutes in length, long enough for someone passing by to become interested. Since trade shows are often noisy, your messaging should be displayed as short titles on screen, with an invitation to learn more at your booth.


After your trade show is over, your video can live on in other forms.  With some changes, your video could continue to work for you on your website, grabbing the attention of others for years, long after the trade show has ended.

Your video could be completed in as little as a week. I am based out of Burlington Ontario, and can film anywhere in the greater Toronto area. I am also available to create your trade show remotely, using existing materials.  Contact me today to get your trade show video started.

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