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My name is Craig McNicoll, and I operate Epilogue Productions,  a small canadian video production company.  I have extensive experience creating safety training videos for many companies, both large and small.  I specialize in creating safety training videos that look like they cost a million bucks, but are respectful of your budget. 

There is nothing more important than maintaining a safe workplace. This is why proper safety training is so important.  But how can you keep your training consistent and engaging? Having a custom safety training video at your disposal is an invaluable tool. 

Here’s how:


With video, every worker gets the exact same information presented to them every time.


If a worker needs a refresher on certain safety rules, all they have to do is rewatch the video.


Information is more easily retained because it is presented in 3 different ways: picture, narration and text. 

Time Saving

Your video will do the training instruction for you, allowing you to focus on other things.

I record all videos at 4k on a professional cinema camera. I can usually record all necessary footage in a couple of days, with little to no disruption to your operation. I am able to edit your video at your location, so you get the exact video you want. I will work with you until we’ve turned your old training material into a new effective training tool.

Contact me to learn more about how I can help you with a custom safety training video.

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