Real Estate Video Production

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Part of being a realtor is making yourself, and your real estate listings stand out.  A great way to do this is with real estate video marketing.

Promote Your Listing

Epilogue Productions can make visually stunning yet affordable video tours of the real estate properties you are trying to sell.  Real Estate Listings that feature a video component are much more engaging than listings with photography alone. This will help your listings stand out above the thousands of others, an increase you chances of a sale.

Promote Yourself

Prospective clients want to know you before they work with you. They can do just that by viewing your professional promotional video.  Epilogue productions can help you create a video that allows your future clients to see who you are, and why they should trust their property sale to you.  

Epilogue Productions uses a 4k cinematic camera, many steps above video shot with a camera phone.  We also offer professional lighting and sound. Our workflow allows us to have real estate videos produced very soon after they are shot.  Editing can even be done on site. 

Epilogue productions is located in Burlington Ontario. We offer our real estate video services to Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and the greater Toronto area.

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