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So you are planning an an amazing conference, and you’d like to capture it with special event videography. You’ve come to the right place.  Through my company, Epilogue Productions, I can help you create great corporate event video productions.

There are many benefits to a corporate event video production:

  • The successes of your event can be highlighted.
  • Videos will generate interest in future events. 
  • It allows people to experience the event even if they were not there.

Full Event Coverage

Every speech/performance will be filmed in its entirety. Afterwards a video will be produced that will make the viewers feel like they were actually there.

Event Summary Video

All the best moments of your event can be summarized in 2-5 minute clips. These short summary videos can be used for many things, including promoting your event on social media.

Video Testimonials

There will no doubt be people at your event having a great time. Why not promote your event’s success by having them tell others how wonderful it was?

There are countless ways that I can help you with event videography. Let me know what your goals are, and I will help you succeed.

Video Production Examples