Burlington Artist Stories

Every Artist Has a Story.

Kickstarter campaign delayed due to COVID-19

What is Burlington Artist Stories?

Burlington Artist Stories is an online documentary series about artists living and working in the city of Burlington.  Each episode will feature an artist telling their story, what sort of art they do, what inspires them, what made them want to become an artist.   The video will also show the artist at work, so viewers will get a glimpse of what it is like to be an artist. I think viewers will be surprised and inspired when they hear some of the stories our artists have to tell.

Why Burlington Artist Stories?

There are 2 reasons why I would like to tell the stories of Burlington artists. First is that these artists are very talented, and deserve to have the spotlight shone upon them. Second, every artist has an interesting story to tell, that often gives deeper meaning to their art, and has the power to inspire others.

Suggest an Artist

Are you an artist that loves to talk about their work? Do you know an artist with a fascinating story? Would you like a new way to promote yourself and your work? We are looking for Burlington artists to be the subject of future episodes of Burlington Artist Stories.

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Support the Kickstarter Campaign

We will be raising money via Kickstarter.  We hope to raise enough money to make 6 episodes or more this year. The Kickstarter campaign was originally going to start on April 3rd, but this has been delayed due to COVID-19

Who is Epilogue Productions?

Epilogue Productions is a local video production company located in Burlington ON. It was started by me, Craig McNicoll, in order to offer video services to individuals and small businesses. One of my favorite things to do is crafting stories using video. With your support, it would be my honour to showcase some of these artists and share their stories with the world.

Videos by Epilogue Productions: