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The world has changed for Canadian authors; you are no longer expected to just write anymore, you are also expected to be constantly promoting yourself through social media.  This can be exciting, but also challenging. Luckily, Epilogue Productions is here to help you. 

There is nothing more engaging on social media than a video.  Internet users are much more likely to engage with a social post with video than a social post with simple text and images.  

Here are a couple of examples of the types of videos I can make for you:

Book Trailer

Movies aren’t the only things that a trailer can promote.  I can produce a cinematic quality book trailer to help your book stand out in the crowd.

Author Presentation

I can film your presentation, and create a highlight reel to help you snare that residency or touring spot. I can also help you create video material to use in your presentation, or help you create an entire video presentation that can be shared online.

Author Reading

 Not everyone can make it to a literary event to hear their favourite author read from their latest book.  Why not create a video where anyone can hear you read sections of your book at any time? 

After your video is created, it can be embedded on your website, or used on virtually every social media platform out there to promote you and your books. 

Epilogue productions is a small video production company run by me, Craig McNicoll.  I have always loved reading, and am passionate about helping out the literary industry. Epilogue productions will work within your budget to create  amazing videos for you.


Video Production Examples