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Hello, my name is Craig McNicoll and welcome to Epilogue Productions website.   I created Epilogue Productions in order to help small businesses and individuals in Halton and surrounding areas with their video production needs.   I would be happy to help you create a professional and affordable commercial video production.

Some of our current offerings include:

Promotional Video Services

Help your business stand out in the crowd, with a promotional video.

Video Production for Authors

If you are an author looking for a way to promote yourself or your books, Epilogue Productions can help you out. 

Training Videos

Training videos are a perfect way of getting a consistent and engaging message across to your team.

Event Videos

It takes a lot of effort putting on an event.  Why not have it filmed and capitalize on its success? 

Real Estate Video

We can help you and your listings stand out, with several real estate video options. 

Youtube Video Ads

We can help you promote your local product or service with an amazing Youtube advertisement. 

Other Video Services

We are constantly looking for ways that video can help out small businesses and individuals.

My philosophy is that video production services should not just be for fortune 500 companies.  Individuals, and small to medium businesses should also be able to benefit from affordable and excellent videos.

We are based in Burlington ON.  We proudly offer our video services to Halton, and surrounding areas.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your commercial video production.

Video Production Examples: